After a pretty long beta, Albion online is on the last preparations for launch on the 15th of July. If you haven’t done so, purchase one of the founder packs for the game.

Albion Online is a 2nd person medival fantasy Sandbox MMO developed by Sandbox Interactive, a studio based in Berlin, Germany.

With completely player driver economy, huge variety of weapon and armor combinations and Full-loot drop in the serious pvp zones as well as materials gathering, dungeons, world bosse, Sieges per zone and alliances, The huge 4 islands map provide content for all players from PvE, small-scale pvp to Large scale pvp.

During the betas we’ve played, around 30 members have tested out the different weapons, dungeons and experienced small scale pvp and now that the game is out, we aim to participate in all GvG content.

From fighting over our own territories in a 5v5 fights with other guilds, Underworld dungeons to fight for greater loot and sieging a castle – there are endless possibilities for us to leave the name of Futilez in the map of this world.

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