Lineage II Classic is a unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original gameplay experience at release in April, 2004. It levels the playing field, and requires everyone start at Level 1. The leveling progression has been returned to a slower pace, Monsters are more challenging, and B-grade weapons and armor are the best players can initially obtain.

  • Nostalgic MMO Action: Intense and hardcore leveling return – every level players gain is a significant achievement. No instanced dungeons and open-world PVP means players must always be ready to put their skills to the test, as in-game deaths lead to a loss of experience.
  • Massive PVP Siege Battles: Achieve true glory on the field of battle by sieging enemy castles or hunting massive open-world bosses for the ultimate loot rewards, but be wary of other clans on the hunt for the same treasures.
  • Classic Economy: A penny saved is a penny earned, and with a fresh server, the driving force behind the economy will be the players’ determination and business talent to hunt for and market crafting resources

The leveling pace will feel significantly slower than that of the Live servers, and characters will begin to cap out at Level 70. The item drop penalty on death from the original version of the game won’t be coming back, but an XP penalty still exists at 4% loss per death. The five starting zones (Levels 1–19) will launch with additional Monsters and increased respawn rates to account for the initial rush through the lower levels.

Lineage II Classic is free-to-play but there are Lineage II Classic Launch Packs that include special buffs and boosts to give you that extra edge.
Download the game here & join us on Discord 
It's not offical guild game, giving it a shot while waiting for 2019 MMO releases.

Kimaera : What is Lineage II Classic? Lineage II Classic is a unique version of Lineage II that’s inspired by the original...