» Guild Intro
The guild roots started back in 2003 with Lineage II and other games after it, but our main policies and structure began in 2006 with Dark and Light where we were know under EGG (everybody gets ganked) guild name.

In 2007 we lost our old domain and forums so we decided to start from scratch using guild name FUtilez. Since then over 2.500 users registered at our forums, which speaks volumes about the impact we had among the MMO player base and we are very proud of it.

We are adult collection of gamers who have come together under the same ideology and the real strength of our guild lies in the positive attitudes and the dedication of our members.

We strive to be the best in everything we do including having fun and laughing at ourselves even when we really aren't the best. A good sense of humor will get you far and looking after your fellow members is key to success in the guild.

While gaming to be on team speak, always sign up for guild events (available/not available),
intense participation in mass guild events and having fun in such an environment, be active in community forums and self-motivated to take initiative.

We are here to have fun and to increase our enjoyment through the guild.
If you have any questions you can ask them in public forums and registration is not needed.


Please read guild rules and guidelines, register and post your application.
» FUtilez @ The Elder Scrolls Online
30 Mar, 2014 - 19:55 - by IKShadow
FUtilez is joining Aldmeri Dominon in Elder Scroll's Online on EU server.

The guild divison is lead by: SirPaco & Tikume and old members should PM them for access.

All new recruits should post their application here once its processed it will be moved in private forums.
Please always be on Team Speak while ingame.
» Archeage Russian Beta Testing
21 Feb, 2014 - 18:19 - by IKShadow
Testing the Russian Archeage beta so we get ready for upcoming EU release.
server: Инох / Inox / East side

Archeage members only forum check for guides and ask for help if you get stuck.
» Voice Comm
IP: ts3.futilez.com:9987

PASSWORD: qqnomore
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