We had a great run in ArcheAge where lots of us were playing from Alpha stage and we became really active during all beta phases that started in July 2014.

It was an amazing expiriance especially since we did not play any guild game for more then 2 years.
The ArcheAge guild started strong with over 250 active members and it was really too bad about some of the decision Trion made regarding patches and how to handle exploiters.

We did great job by being the only guild on server which manage to claim one of the 4 available castles without having any help from other guilds and alliances. 

I would like to thank everyone who participated in our adventures, please keep in touch by signing for newsletter (top right module) and we will let you know when we start playing our next MMO.

All active members contact Kraanimal ingame or here on forums how to proceed, he got guild leadership and  all guild properties ( Freedich Island House, Morpheus House, Island Nr 10 etc... )

Some of the movies from our ArcheAge expiriance

Futilez Archeage promotion beta

FUtilez Close Beta Events (1&2)

CB4 ShatigonEU BETA server Fredrich PvP Madness

FUtilez vs VoTF 22.09.2014

FUtilez vs VoTF 24.09.2014

Daggerspell PvP Movie

250 packs Freedich Run with 24 member raid

And more movies on our YouTube channel

p.s. We are still activly using Team Speak for all other games we play together. 

Knifeedge Great times, great people, great dramas. See you all on the next madness! ...
EnixHess Wow, kinda sad to hear, but it had to happen soon or later anw (thx to trion...), cya on the next world . ...
Rookni Was fun while it lasted. Here is hoping for a good mass pvp game next ...