The huge disappointment following the announcement last week of allowing to sell cash shop items on the market place, a move that Kakao has always advertised they are against doing, as well clearly ignoring the feedback of community or dissing the community with saying such as "For the same reason, the players of other regions like Korea, Japan and Russia are preferring those features since it allows them better accessibility to Pearl Shop Items" have made us lose all trust in the company and the game and we are moving on.

Black Desert was THE game we decided to stick with for years now, providing providing the best PvP Content we will see from any game for a long time, just I stated in previous newsletter:

"FUtilez Black Desert Online section is here to stay for years as the game truly offers one of the best PvP content, while keeping it true with no Pay2Win bullshit and as well with lack of player2player trading there is no RTM where you can "buy your way" into best gear. "

After Archeage fiasco, this is the biggest letdowns I ever had in any game we played and highly disappointed of the publisher. I don't think I (IKShadow) will ever play any Asian MMO in the future.

I would like to thank all our members for being loyal part that made us great and despite that during summer time in last month our activity was a bit low we were looking forward future challenges.

Guild rankings on Jordine EU server (we did not have any activity since p2w annoucement).

Albion Online - new main guild game

Our next game will be Albion Online, fully guild vs guild oriented game with EU developer/publisher which is heavily involved with their player base trough official forums and official discord server. Really nice change compared how Black Desert CM were handling it.

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More info about Albion Online will follow in upcoming weeks, once we do proper beta testing (in progress now ).